Heads up poker strategy
Poker / October 29, 2019

Learning how to play poker well is a rather difficult task, as you need an analytical and mathematical mindset, a share of luck and patience. This is a very multifaceted game, and you have to improve it all your life. There are certain strategies that significantly increase the chances of winning, but at the same time they are never a 100% guarantee of your success. If you want to win more often, then you should play judiciously and restrained, but sometimes take risks. Heads up poker strategy is known to many experienced players, as it is quite simple, but effective. Today we will consider it in detail, and you will have an idea of ​​what is its key feature. If you turn to the literal translation of the name, it becomes clear that here we are talking about a one-on-one game. Each of the players must fight with the opponent during the tournament. If you play in this mode, then you need to work on the development of dueling skills, and we will talk about it below. One of the most important things in Heads up poker strategy book is concentration on the opponent. If you notice some tendencies towards…

3 card poker strategy for beginners
Poker / October 24, 2019

Today we’ll talk about what a 3 card poker strategy is and what is its specialty. Note that this type of poker was introduced to the public in 1995, so it is one of the youngest. In fact, this is classic poker, but with certain changes in the rules. To date, this game is quite popular, and you can meet it in American and domestic casinos. Many experienced players agree that this type of poker can be described as two games in one game. The bottom line is that the player has the ability to make two different bets at once during one hand. There are no more such rules in any form of poker, which makes it as individual and interesting as possible for experienced gamblers. This game appeared in the casino relatively recently, but has already attracted the attention of many gambling people. The number of fans of this strategy continues to grow rapidly. Many are interested in the three card poker strategy, which will help win in tournaments even for those people who have recently mastered this game and have learned the rules well. Today we’ll talk about what exactly it is worth paying attention to, how…

Omaha hi low poker strategy
Poker / October 24, 2019

Learning to play poker is a simple task, but becoming a good player will be much more difficult. Many people improve their skills throughout their lives, but even in this case there is a risk of losing. In this game, you need to take into account not only luck, but also your own experience, since the outcome of a party will depend on them only. An effective hi low poker strategy is interesting for a wide circle of people, as it is extremely simple, but at times increases the chances of winning in a poker game. If you play not only for pleasure, but also want to get a good reward, then in this case you need to bet on a cold calculation, not luck. Sometimes you need to behave as aggressively as possible, making rather high stakes. Here you will encounter big banks; big bets and high dynamics of the game process, but therefore it will be much more interesting at times. Key Secrets of the Strategy The notorious 5 card Omaha Hi Lo strategy is fraught with some tricks that can be made from any professional player. A characteristic feature of this strategy is that you need to…

Double up poker strategy
Poker / October 23, 2019

The double up poker strategy is very interesting for thousands of players around the world who want to win more often and make the gameplay more intense and interesting. If you pay attention to the literal translation of the strategy, then it will sound like a doubling, reflecting the main essence. The bottom line will be that the player according to the results of the draw will have to double his stack exactly. It doubles in comparison with the initial indicators before the draw. To understand this situation in more detail, consider an example. At the beginning of the distribution, the player has only two thousand chips in the stack, and as a result of the drawing, their number increases to four – this will be a double up. This is only possible if you have to go all-in, put your entire stack, and if you win, you can get twice as much win. The essence of the strategy is extremely simple, but it really works, which is confirmed by thousands of poker fans. Key features of the strategy Many people are wondering how to win poker, since there are always certain risks, you can merge the entire bank in…

Double bonus video poker strategy
Poker / October 23, 2019

Today you will learn about what a double bonus video poker strategy is, where there are additional payments for certain options. For example, a player can get eight hundred credits for collecting three aces, while playing five credits. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the version where full payments are included is not available online, and it is almost impossible to find it even in popular casinos. The payout percentage is assumed to be 100.17 percent, which is attractive enough for avid players. Even taking into account that you will take into account all these indicators and limitations, the game can be positioned interesting and high-quality, characterized by a high dispersion rate of 28.3. it follows that on average twenty percent more bankroll will be needed than in the common Jacks or Better game. Another feature of the strategist is that winnings may not be frequent, but in the end their size will be quite high. What to look for? Your experience. The opponent’s play style. Pay table. The rules of the game. Payout percentage. As for the Super Double Bonus video Poker strategy payout table, it is also transparent – 10 by seven, where the player…

Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Review
Poker / October 28, 2018

Jonathan Little’s book “Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments” is often called the best book on tournament poker, or at least the best one that was written after Harrington. This was largely influenced by the fact that the poker player and coach wrote it from his personal experience. The author admits that he studied a lot of poker literature before becoming a professional and even before playing for real money but he did not find much useful information in most books on tournament poker. Therefore, he created his book, which will help to save time for readers to find the right information. Little is confident that the proper approach to reading the material will be extremely useful and will accelerate your path to a professional career tournament poker player. The author of “Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments” – Jonathan Little believes that a significant drawback of modern literature about poker training is a tight style of play. According to the author, the use of this style will lead to a loss in the long run. In this regard, the author introduces his own poker strategies. The distinctive qualities of Jonathan Little’s book “Strategies for Beating Small Stakes…

Power Hold’em Strategy Review
Poker / October 28, 2018

“Power hold’em strategy” is definitely the best book on poker from Negreanu. He created a book modeled on “Super System” by Doyle Brunson, but, unlike him, the author focused only on the unlimited hold’em, Daniel invited the best poker professionals to participate in the work on the book. Daniel was helped by David Williams, Todd Brunson, Evelyn, Angie, Erick Lindgren and Paul Wasicka. Each of them took a small, in principle, section, and the result was a great book on unlimited hold’em with a very wide scope. It will suit a player of any level: it will set the necessary base for a beginner, open new horizons for a good player and make even a real professional think. “Power hold’em” includes competent recommendations for beginning unlimited tournament players from Evelyn Angie, and tips for both serious and unserious cash players from Todd Brunson. Paul Wasicka talks about the features of the game at short tables. Really serious things about complex poker, including all sorts of non-obvious moments are analyzed by David Williams. This section of “Power hold’em” will be of interest to strong players. The book reaches its climax in its tension in a section written by Daniel Negreanu himself….

Poker Math: Simple, Effective and Advanced Strategies to use Poker Math in the World of Poker Review
Poker / October 28, 2018

A lot of people like card games like poker, though it is played by players of two types: those who sit down at the table and use their intuition, as well as those who put logic and mathematics at the forefront. The second category of representatives is not large, and most of them cannot boast of good results, but they always have an advantage over the representatives of the first camp. We needn’t talk about the reasons. It is not known which group you belong to, but if you have a strong desire to get up from the table as a winner, then you must necessarily have a certain amount of knowledge. We are talking about poker mathematics, which is an effective and easily used strategy, due to which you can win your rivals. This is what we discuss in Poker Math: Simple, Effective and Advanced Strategies to use Poker Math in the World of Poker by Kevin Bailey. It offers a variety of options for different strategies, which are based on practical thinking, hard numbers and sober calculation. Only this approach can guarantee a positive result. Of course, you should do it professionally, which also implies a good financial…